Crayon Craze


So if you have all been on or even heard of Pintrest (if you haven’t then I strongly suggest you Google this and join ASAP) then you have heard of the new craze of the melted crayon art.  I myself have participated in this craze and I have to say it was a blast!  It all happened one after noon when I was extremely bored.  I was on Pintrest and the crayon arts kept popping up so I decided to give it a try.  I went and picked up one of those jumbo boxes of crayons, a canvas, and glue.  All I did was glue the crayons to the top of the canvas in the desired order and grabbed my hair dryer.  I turned the hair dryer on high and held it close to the crayons until the wax started to melt.  It was so cool to see them melt almost instantly and to watch these rivers of color just stream down the canvas.  It has definitely become one of my favorite crafts to do and I recommend it to really anyone because it was easy, cheap, and fun.  


About teresaconde

Lets just say I am new to this. My whole life i guess you can say that i have been "creative". But what does this really mean? People tell me I am a creative person but i don't really see it. All I know is that I like what I like and I like to explore new things. So this is a blog that I want to use to explore this so called creative side of myself. Really its just me exploring the things around me and taking in the world. Let the journey begin!

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